The Story of Atayne

"I'm just writing the story that I want to read."
-Jean M. Auel
The story of Atayne goes back to a hot and humid Washington DC morning in May 2007 when company founder Jeremy Litchfield used a new red performance shirt for the first time. By the time he finished his run, the lower half of his body was covered in red dye. Adding insult to injury, his shorts, socks, and shoes were all stained in red dye.

red shirt.jpg

The experience left him with an uneasy feeling: what nasty chemicals were being absorbed into his body as he was trying to make himself healthier by running? He decided to do some research and found out some remarkable things:
  • Current performance apparel is based on out of date technologies that pose harm to people and the planet.
  • Newer technologies exist that are not only safer, they perform better.
What started out as a bad experience with a red running shirt has transformed into a company dedicated to inspiring positive social and environmental change through the power of active lifestyles. The first chapter in this journey, high performance athletic gear made from ”trash.” Where the story goes is anyone’s guess, but one thing is for certain - Atayne will never make a "red shirt."