Looks Can Be Deceiving

by Jeremy on February 15, 2012

If anyone has been checking in on the Red Shirt Blog the last couple months they have not seen much action. I haven’t posted since December 9! That might lead one to believe that things are quiet at Camp Atayne. Well, that could not be further from the truth!

2012 has gotten off to a roaring start for us.  I thought I would take a few minutes to share my favorite happenings thus far.

Bowdoin College + Atayne Cycling Jersey
Atayne Custom Bowdoin College Cycling Jersey
  •  We were discovered by Seneca7 through a Google search and are now partnering with them on their race shirts.
  • We were recently informed that we are now an approved vendor for the New England Buying Consortium.  This will open the door for us to get more 100% recycled, Made in the USA apparel on college campuses.
  • We have made substantial progress is getting ready to launch a whole new line of performance tops and soon to follow shorts.  My personal favorite is our new long sleeve quarter zip top.  Stay tuned!
  • We will once again be working with Freedom’s Run, an early adopter as a race to support Made in the USA, 100% recycled participant shirts.

While it has been busy, we have taken some time to play.  In fact, I took my first vacation in nearly 5 years.  Becca and I visited the wonderful country of Jamaica.  Here is one of our favorite views. Nothing like a few Dragon Stouts at sunset.  Cheers!

Dragon Stout

Enjoying a Few Dragon Stouts at Sunset - Treasure Beach Jamaica

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